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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s May 8th Newsletter

Greetings from Juneau this 112th day of session. All last week House Finance heard testimony from various sectors of the economy, from industry leaders and nonprofits to municipalities and economists. The question was: How the state’s current fiscal situation affects their constituency and is there a need for a fiscal plan this year. You can watch Friday’s presentations by Jonathan King of Northern Economics and Caroline Schultz with the Governor’s Office.

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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s May 1st Newsletter

Greetings from Juneau this 105th day of session. I want to start this newsletter by thanking all of you for taking time to be part of the process. Your opinions, comments, and questions help move the conversation forward. Whether you agree with my viewpoint or not, every voice counts. I want to hear from you so please keep testifying, calling my office and emailing.

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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s April 27th Newsletter: Update: State Reductions & Diversifying Revenue

Hello! Some information came out this week that I wanted to share with you. This past Monday, the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy released their report: Comparing the Distributional Impact of Revenue Options in Alaska. This report compares the impact of different revenue plans being discussed in Juneau this session. The report finds that most Alaska households would pay less under a personal income tax, like our HB 115 School Tax, than they would under a 3% sales tax even if the sales tax exempted food, child care and rent.

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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s April 17th Newsletter

Greetings from Juneau this 91st day of session. I am proud to report that this past week the House acted on the four pillars of our comprehensive, sustainable fiscal plan. Oil and gas tax & credit reform, HB 111, passed the House on Monday and was heard in Senate Finance and Senate Resources last weekend. The House version of SB 26, creating a structured draw from the permanent fund, moved from the House Wednesday.

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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s April 3rd Newsletter

Greetings from Juneau this 77th day of session. Our coalition remains committed to working toward a fiscal solution that is fair and balanced for all Alaskans, is sustainable over time, and addresses the whole deficit. The finance committee put in many hours this week working on HB 115, the State Revenue Restructuring Act. Thank you to everyone who participated in the second round of public testimony. It is clear that many Alaskans have put time and energy into understanding the issues and solutions facing our state. The work continues today and tomorrow as we address technical and policy amendments.

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