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Rep. Kito’s Newsletter: Special session and AMHS

We are getting ready for the third special session this year. This one was partially expected, but there are a couple of additional items related to the Alaska Liquefied Natural Gas Project (AkLNG) that we will be considering as well. We also have seen the DOT&PF proposal for the summer 2016 Alaska Marine Highway sailing schedule, which has raised many concerns. These topics and more will be covered in this newsletter.

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Rep. Gara Newsletter

Note from Rep. Gara: Call Off $100,00 Medicaid Law Firm Signing Bonus

Today Rep. Sam Kito III and I called on those suing the Governor over Medicaid Expansion to save the state money, in a few ways. First, as you know, I think spending $450,000 on a lawsuit instead of passing the pending Medicaid Expansion & Reform bill (which would result in $330 million in budget savings over just the first six years) is imprudent. It's hiring lawyers to dig a deeper budget hole

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