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Rep. Drummond’s Newsletter: Roads, Budgets, and Puppies

Why did the chicken cross Spenard Road? It didn’t. It would have died. Spenard Road has long been a frustration for many people in our district. Trying to turn on to 27th Avenue to get to Bear Tooth can be a downright nightmare at times. Plans for reconstruction have been in the works for decades. It began as a traffic and safety project in 1999 and has been a long and often arduous process ever since. That is finally about to change.

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Rep. Drummond's Newsletter

Rep. Drummond’s Newsletter: The Heat is On

The heat is on. The budget finance subcommittees are in full swing and bills are moving. Not to beat a dead horse, but the main issue this year is the budget, and we are currently reviewing the Governor’s proposal to change the Permanent Fund Dividend. Touching the PFD has traditionally been a political no-no. But historically we haven't seen these kinds of deficits. Most Alaskans seem to agree that to solve the problem we are going to have to use a mix of new revenue, government cuts, and draws on Alaska’s savings accounts including the Permanent Fund earnings reserve. Exactly how much of each of those solutions we will draw on is the crux of the debate.

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“The House Majority supports this education based income tax as one part of the solution to grow a stable economy.”

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