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Rep. Zach Fansler

Rep. Fansler’s Newsletter: The Halfway Mark

The Legislature is a slightly over halfway through our first regular 90-day session and our work carries on. The House Finance committee is considering hundreds of amendments to the operating budget this week and several other bills are queued up for consideration of an income tax, changes to oil tax credits, and permanent fund restructuring. Our Alaskan House Majority Caucus continues to promote a comprehensive approach to solving our fiscal crisis to achieve a balanced and fair budget for all Alaskans.

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Rep. Zach Fansler

Rep. Fansler’s Newsletter: Weigh in on budget details!

The Legislature has been working hard through the new subcommittee process to conduct a more in-depth review of the Governor’s proposed budget and review all agency projects. Those subcommittees are closing out this week which means that several are holding public testimony sessions. Please check out the list of finance subcommittee public testimony opportunities below and call in through your Legislative Information Office (LIO) if you have recommendations on any of the considered amendments. Your voice is critical to this process.

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District: 38
Party: Democrat

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Interim Contact

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Fax: 907-543-5892
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Legislative Aide
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