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Note from Rep. Gara: Voting No On Ballot Measure 1: The Constitution Shouldn’t Be Messed With

How thrilled are you about the prospects that extremists would re-write our Constitution? I don’t know about you, but that would be, well, pretty schmucky. Ballot Measure 1 shows up every 10 years to ask if you want a “Constitutional Convention” to re-write our State Constitution. This week I had dinner with a state Founding Father, Vic Fischer, who helped write the constitution. He and his Convention peer, Republican Jack Coghill, think letting people into the Constitution to push their pet peeves is a bad idea, especially in times when extremists on either side have pet peeves they want in the Constitution. The Constitution should be a regal document, not one with extremist ideas in it.

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Note from Rep. Gara: Oct. 7 Voter Registration Deadline: Tell Your Friends and Family!

Do you think multinational corporations should have more of a vote than you and your family? I know the answer is NO. So - if you're not registered to vote; need to update your address; or have friends and family who need to do that, please tell them. Because today we live in a world where multinational corporations can donate as much as they want. Your power is your vote. In this letter I'll give you voter registration information to use or pass along. And with a 30 day blackout on legislative newsletters before the election, I'll pack in a few more things.

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Note from Rep. Gara: Rehabilitating the Truth On Oil Taxes, Avoidable School Cuts, Record UA Foster Youth Enrollment

Would You Like Some Facts With Your Hyperbole, Sir? It hasn’t surprised me to hear some of the claims on the oil tax debate this past year. The implication is that those who didn’t support the Governor’s $2 billion giveaway (which allows companies to take our tax dollars and spend them outside Alaska if they wish) are happy with the status quo. Horsepucky. Hey, did you know there is no computer spell check for horsepucky? Well, that’s not important. Anyway, no one in the Legislature voted for the status quo. NO ONE.

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Note from Rep. Gara: Corporate-Funded Ads Paint Skewed Picture: Tuesday Ballot Measures

So far Exxon, British Petroleum, Shell and ConocoPhillips have spent over a half million dollars with deceptive ads telling you how their companies want you to vote Tuesday. That's the new election world we live in. In this world of unlimited election spending, facts should matter more than spin, and when corporations fund ads you should take a close look to see if they are trying to spin you into voting against the public's interest. I believe they are here. What's good for outside corporations isn't always what's good for you. Ballot Measure 2: Local Voice, Or Let Federal Bureaucrats Dictate Development Issues on Federal Lands in Alaska: I'm Voting Yes On 2

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Note from Rep. Gara: State Hushing Public On Pesticides & Fighting Gasoline Price Gouging

I could spend this newsletter taking a poll on when the official start of summer will be. I could be wrong, but I remember it starting earlier than late July in past years. I'll have to check my journal. Actually, I'm looking out the window and think it might be starting now! Good. OK, next subject. Want More Pesticides With Your Coffee? For Your Children, and Our Fish, Game and Wildlife?

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Note from Rep. Gara: It’s Back! Summer Used/New Laptop, Mentor and Foster Parent Drive

Want to change a life for the better? Want it to be easy? Have we got a deal for you! May is National Foster Care Month, and in conjunction with that we have launched our second annual summer "Laptops for Foster Youth Drive". And, don’t worry. No laptop? There are other ways to help, ranging from easy to not so easy. Option 1: Donate a New or Quality Used Laptop

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Note from Rep. Gara: Guv Signs Our Bill to Protect Alaskans’ Fishing Stream Access!

Well good news doesn't usually come in the hospital. But that's where I am, and where I got the good news that the Governor signed my bill seeking to maintain and enhance the cherished right of Alaskans to access our fishing streams, so public access remains for this and the next generation. Predictions are that surgery went well, but it will be a little bit before we know for sure. What we do know is all the cancer is gone - thanks for all the well wishes. That's the good news. It will take a little time to find out if there are any side effects.

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