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Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: Military Closures, What’s Movin, and Energy

The Alaska State Legislature is in full motion, and I have been hard at work standing up for issues that are important to Fairbanks and the Interior. It is not always an easy battle, but with the help and cooperation of the Interior Delegation, I am encouraged by the dialogue with the rest of the Legislature. While we have been busy in Juneau advocating for Interior issues, we know Fairbanks is facing some tough news. Last week we received word of the Department of Defense’s plans to relocate the Eielson Air Force squadron to Anchorage and retire four C-130 transport aircraft at Elmendorf.

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Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: Energy, Education and Going RED

The House Resources Committee heard a resolution urging the US Congress to take over Central Park. Many of you may have heard and seen the media attention surrounding HJR 31, a resolution. While I may have found the attempt humorous, most importantly, it’s a huge waste of time and state money. I spoke up against this kind of satire legislation in the House Resources committee meeting, as the committee awaits 35 bills, some dealing with much-needed relief from the cost of energy that will help Fairbanks families. The message I want to send to the rest of the US is that we are good stewards of our resources, accountable to our constituents, and ready to lead the nation as an energy state.

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Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: Keeping Heating Costs Low with Tips for Staying Warm and Saving $$

Every year, as we face the downturn of temperatures, we are confronted with the upturn in costs to stay warm. There are several weatherization programs, energy rebates, and loans that are available to residents for purposes of energy efficiency from a new home to appliance rebates. But saving energy and staying warm goes further than programs intended to help relieve the financial burden of our harsh Interior winters. Below are a few suggestions I’ve found have helped keep us warm, and our energy bills consistent.

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