Medicaid and Alaska’s Economy

Medicaid has never been more important for our economy and for the safety of our communities. A new study finds that eliminating Medicaid Expansion in Alaska would cost Alaska's economy nearly 3,700 jobs, $267 million in annual labor income, and $566 million in annual total economic output under State Fiscal Year 2018 conditions.

Governor’s Budget Out Tomorrow

With a split of 20-20, the House still has failed to organize. Although I am frustrated with the current standstill, it is not because of apathy or lack of trying. Every day, House members meet for hours to negotiate. There are dozens of ideas floating around, and I am only one member of 40, each with their own agenda. As the sole Independent in the legislature, I am working with a variety of people every day to build a majority that values similar priorities to Southern Southeast. I ask for your continued patience so that I can put District 36 in the best position this legislative session.