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October 27, 2017 
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SB 54 Public Testimony & More!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Public Testimony:

House Finance will be hearing SB 54: Crime and Sentencing tonight, the bill focuses on amending SB 91: Omnibus Crime Law & Procedure by providing judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement with more tools. If you want to know more about SB 54 and how it will help Alaska, go to the FAQ here.

Public testimony for SB 54: Crime and Sentencing will be held on:

  • Saturday, October 28th, 11-5:00 pm
  • Monday, October 30th, 5-9:00 pm

PHONE CALL: Testimony is limited to two minutes.

Call 1(844)-586-9085 toll free to join a live teleconference. Hang up immediately after testifying to keep lines open. 

In the interest of time, if you are a member of a group with the same message please select a spokesperson to testify for the entire group.

IN-PERSON: Try to arrive 15 minutes early to the committee room. Sign in, and wait to be called.

WRITE: For written testimony on SB 54 send an email to the House Finance Committee.

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DNGp5ucVwAEeOAB.jpg:largeTax Proposal Summary:

This special session’s other main focus is on increased revenue in Alaska to stabilize our fiscal situation. On Thursday, House Finance had its first preview of HB 4001: Capped Payroll Tax Bill which was introduced by the office of the Governor. I will be updating you as we hear more about HB 4001 in House Finance. For now, here is a summary of it and a link to the full presentation.


National Drug Take Back Day:

  • Saturday, October 28th, 10 am-2pm


  • Alaska State Troopers: 1979 Peger Road
  • North Pole Police Department: 125 Snowman Lane
  • Fred Meyer East 930: Old Steese Highway
  • Fairbanks Police Department: 911 Cushman Street

Turn in any unused or expired prescription drugs (NO syringes), including opioids to any of the locations participating in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Thankfully most FNSB teens and young adults do not misuse prescription opioids but those who have usually get them from family or friends. Highly addictive prescription opioids such as Vicodin or Oxycontin are the most commonly misused of all prescription drugs. It takes all of us to protect our community. Questions? Contact the Fairbanks Wellness Coalition 907-374-0204 info@fairbankswellness.org

Corbell V. Salazar:

November 27th is the deadline for claimants in the Corbell vs. Salazar Settlement who are on the “Whereabouts Unknown” list to supply information to the claims administrators. Those Alaska Natives on this list, or their heirs, may be eligible for payments under the settlement.

Corbell vs. Salazar was a case brought against the federal government for mismanagement of Indian trust funds. It was settled in 2009 with an award of several billion dollars, and claims administrators are in the final weeks of locating claimants for payments.

Claims administrators have listed a “Whereabouts Unknown” list of Alaska Native claimants, or their estates, at www.indiantrust.com. Go there to see if you or someone you know is on the list. At the website, click on the map under “Whereabouts Unknown: Help Locate Your Record” on the righthand side of the page. For Alaska, the lists are broken down by ANCSA regions.

If you or someone you know is on the list, follow the instructions to be connected with claims administrators. If you have any trouble with the process, you can contact any of the Alaska Legal Services offices for help. (You can find ALSC contact information at https://www.alsc-law.org/.)

Best Regards,

[signed] David Guttenberg

Ester, Goldstream 1 & 2, Steese East/Gilmore, Steese West, and University Hills