March 24th, 2017  
Rep. Guttenberg's Legislative Report

Representative David Guttenberg
David Guttenberg

Dear Friends and Neighbors,


This Saturday, March 25, 2017, beginning at 10am, the House Finance Committee will hear public testimony on:

HB 111:  Oil and Gas Tax Credits

With the current tax system in place, we are subsidizing some oil companies hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits every year.  I urge you to call in or email with your thoughts, ideas, or concerns. 

Testify in person or on the phone:  Limited to 2 minutes each. 

•        Arrive to the Fairbanks Legislative Information Office next to Home Depot at 1292 Sadler Way.

•        Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the end of the allotted time period or testimony may close early. 

•        If you are a member of a group with the same message, in the interest of time, please select a spokesperson to testify for the entire group. 

Email Testimony:  If you live in a community with a legislative information office, but are unable to access it during the specified time period, you may send your written testimony to the House Finance Committee via

Best Regards,

[signed] David Guttenberg

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