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Rep. Les Gara during constituent meetingA Note from Rep. Les Gara

Signed and Sealed: Our Energy Efficiency and Foster Care Reforms Signed by Governor
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Dear Neighbors,

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         How’s this for irony.  Two of our priority bill provisions were signed into law yesterday.  Which somehow leads me to our shortest e-news letter of the year. 

         First, Senate Bill 220 was signed into law yesterday.  It includes an amendment Rep. Thomas and I wrote, with the help of Sen. Bill Wielechowski.  The cheapest way to reduce high energy costs is to construct our buildings more efficiently.  Under the provision added to SB 220, state buildings will now have to be built under energy efficiency rules tailored to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  You can read more in a recent e-newsletter we wrote on this issue.

         And the last piece of our foster care reform effort, House Bill 126, was signed.  Thanks to Amanda Metivier of Facing Foster Care in Alaska, my aide Rose Foley, former aides Katie Conway and Dave Theriault, Sen. Bill Wielechowski and Rep. Thomas, Sen. Bettye Davis and Rep. Nancy Dahlstrom and the tons of others who helped us pass these efforts.

         There.  Done.  Big changes.  Short email.

         As always, let us know if we can help.


[signed] Les Gara

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