Note from Rep. Les Gara

Note from Rep. Les Gara


How To Vote By Mail For April 3 City Elections (No More Precinct Voting!); PFD Application Deadline Coming Up Too

Note from Rep. Les Gara

March 16, 2018

Voice Your Opinions!

Letters to the editor make a difference. You can send a letter of up to 200 words (shorter letters are more likely to be accepted) to the Alaska Dispatch News by email (; or by fax or mail (call them at 257-4308). Send letters to the Anchorage Press via e-mail or by mail to 540 E. Fifth Ave, Anchorage, 99501. Feel free to call us if you need factual information to help you write a letter.

Contact the Governor. The Governor can be reached at 269-7450; or

Contact us. My office can be reached at: 1500 W Benson Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99503; by phone: 269-0106; visit my website at; or email:

Want to Volunteer To Help A Child?

You can be a Volunteer Mentor to help a child, through a program we worked with foster care advocates to start, at Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  Just call 433-4691. Have the time to do more?  Alaska has a major shortage of foster and adoptive parents, and you can help change a life by doing that.  To ask about foster parenting or adopting a child out of foster care call 1-800-478-7307. 

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Dear Friends and Neighbors:


We have two important deadlines coming up, for the Anchorage Municipal Election and applying for your Permanent Fund Dividend.


New “Vote by Mail” System for April 3 City Elections (State Election System Remains Unchanged in August and November).


This year in the April Anchorage City election (but NOT the August and November State & Federal elections), you must send in your ballot so that it is postmarked by April 3.  You should be receiving your ballots this week. There are a few physical locations where you can vote, and a few drop boxes where you can drop off your ballots by April 3. 


What’s on The City Ballot?  Important stuff.


In the April 3 election there will be a vote on what I consider an Anti-Equal Rights Ordinance (I’m voting NO on Prop One, which targets our transgender neighbors). There is also a vote for Municipal Mayor and for Assembly and School Board candidates.


PLEAE VOTE in the April 3 city election.  Most people don’t vote in city elections, and your voice matters!


Here are the rules for the new vote by mail system, and some links.


You can return your ballot these three ways:

-Put your Return Ballot envelope, with First-Class Postage, in any USPS mailbox before April 3, so that it is postmarked by April 3.

-Find a secure Ballot Drop Box. Follow this link to find one near you! These do not require postage.

-Vote at a Voter Center: find the Accessible Voter Center nearest you! These Voting Centers will open March 26th and will be open through 8pm on Election Day on April 3rd. There will be no voting at most of your traditional precincts in the April election.

In District 20, your Accessible Voter Centers are:

MOA Election Center619 East Ship Creek Avenue, Anchorage AK 99501
City Hall Room 155632 West 6th Ave,Anchorage AK 99501






If you did not receive a ballot package in the mail, you may pick one up in person at these voter centers on election day, or receive any assistance for questions you might have by calling 907-243-VOTE (8683), or emailing

If you would like to vote by absentee ballot or if you’re not in Anchorage, fill out this form to get an absentee ballot.

Permanent Fund Dividend Application: Deadline is March 31st, 2018

You can apply for your Permanent Fund Dividend by clicking here to apply online - this will take you to the Alaska Permanent Fund homepage, where you can see the “Click here to file your online application” button! Follow this to apply for your PFD.

If you want to donate part of your PFD to an Alaska Non-Profit, just Pick.Click.Give.

When you finish your online application, you will be asked if you’d like to donate to one of many Alaskan non-profit charities with Pick.Click.Give.  Donations can be made in $25 increments. 

I was able to donate through Pick.Click.Give to what I consider a fantastically effective non-profit for Alaska’s 3,000 foster youth, Facing Foster Care in Alaska.  They provide peer help and support to foster youth, advocate for better practices so youth have a fair chance in life, and do way more!  You probably have your passions too.  See if there’s a non-profit on the list that works on one of them.

The deadline to apply for your Permanent Fund Dividend is March 31st, 2018. If you do choose to donate through Pick.Click.Give, you can adjust or add to your donation all the way through August 31st, 2018. To see a list of non-profit groups you can donate to, follow the link from the Permanent Fund Corporation homepage or from Pick.Click.Give’s own website.

That’s it for now.

As always, call us if you need any help, or have any questions.

My Best,

[signed] Les Gara



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