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Protecting Your Rights: Serving Sand Lake, Spenard, and Turnagain
October 7, 2016
In this issue:
• Voting Registration Deadlines
• General Election Ballot Measures
• Congratulations to Jon Katcher,
    Attorney General’s Award
    for Pro Bono Service
• ‘Sydney Shortcut’ Trail Meeting
• Community Events
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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

With the General Election just a month away, I join the Alaska Division of Elections and encourage all Alaskans to make sure they are registered to vote, update their voting information, and request their absentee ballot in advance if you choose to skip the polling booths on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8.

Voting Registration Deadlines

Voting is an important civic duty and a cornerstone of our democracy. Increased voter participation is now easier through online registration. Senate Bill 9, legislation I co-sponsored with a bi-partisan group of Senate and House members, allowed the state’s Division of Elections to join 21 other states in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). All 21 ERIC member states agree to reach out to potentially eligible, but unregistered citizens, before federal general elections. The deadline for Alaskans to register to vote for the November general election is Sunday, October 9th. Eligible Alaska residents who have not registered to vote yet should have received a courtesy postcard from the Alaska Division of Elections with information on how to register at:

Registered voters are encouraged to check their voter record online at:

Do you need to have an absentee ballot sent to you? Visit to complete your Absentee Ballot Application. The Absentee By-Mail Application deadline is Saturday, October 29, 2016. 

2016 General Election Ballot Measures

There are two measures appearing on the General Election ballot in November:

Ballot Measure No. 1

An Act Allowing Qualified Individuals to Register to Vote When Applying for a Permanent Fund Dividend.” This Act is designed to make it easier for people to register to vote and update their voter registration information. According to the Division of Elections, roughly 70,000 Alaskans who are eligible for a Permanent Fund Dividend are not registered to vote.

If the measure passes, there will be a section on the Permanent Fund Dividend application—a box to check or something similar—where the PFD applicant can register to vote or update their voter registration information. A separate form is currently required to apply for a PFD and to register to vote.

Voter information on a PFD form would be provided to the Division of Elections and the Division would confirm whether the person is eligible to vote and update their information. PFD applicants could also opt-out of voter registration.

Ballot Measure No. 2

Allow Debt for Postsecondary Student Loans.” This constitutional amendment is designed to improve the state’s ability to offer student loans to Alaskans for postsecondary education. In recent years, market conditions have limited the ability of the Alaska State Loan Corporation to offer education loans to college students.

The measure would amend the Alaska Constitution to allow the state to sell bonds to raise revenue to fund ASLC’s postsecondary student loan programs. Current law only allows state debt for infrastructure projects, housing loans for veterans, military defense, and other stated reasons. Current law requires the voters to approve state debt. If amended, Article IX of the Alaska Constitution would read:

Section 8. State Debt. No state debt shall be contracted unless authorized by law for capital improvements, unless authorized by law for postsecondary student loans, or unless authorized by law for housing loans for veterans and ratified by a majority of the qualified voters of the State who vote on the questions. The State may, as provided by law and without ratification, contract debt for the purpose of repelling invasion, suppressing insurrection, defending the State in war, meeting natural disasters, or redeeming indebtedness outstanding at the time this constitution becomes effective.

Jon Katcher receives the Attorney General’s Award for Pro Bono Service

Congratulations to Jon Katcher on receiving the seventh annual Attorney General’s Award for Pro Bono Service for his years of providing volunteer legal representation to victims of domestic violence. Since 2000, Jon has worked on numerous cases through the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and the Alaska Legal Service Corporation. His experience and litigation skills help many clients receive the legal support they need to protect themselves and their families. Thank you to Jon for his many years of service to our state. To read the full press release, click here.

Special Turnagain Community Council Meeting: ‘Sydney Shortcut’ Trail

Monday, October 17th, 7pm – 9pm at the Federation of Community Councils Conference Room, 1057 W. Fireweed Ln.

The Turnagain Community Council will hold a special meeting to provide an opportunity for Turnagain Heights Subdivision neighbors and the property owners to discuss the Syndey Shortcut trail issue. For information, please email

Community Events and Opportunities

Mark Fenton: Building a Community For Your Health

Tuesday, October 11th, 6:30pm – 8:30 pm at the MOA Planning Department, 4700 Elmore Road, Training Room #30. 

Alaska Trails and AMATS is hosting an evening of discussion with nationally-recognized public health, planning, and transportation expert Mark Fenton. Mark has worked with communities nationwide to improve both their built and social environments and create places for people to lead active, healthy lifestyles. Please RSVP to

Green Dot Trainings

Green Dot Anchorage is hosting Green Dot Trainings during the month of October. If you want to learn more about Green Dot and how you can prevent violence in Anchorage through peer and cultural influence, visit their website or stop by one of the trainings in your area:

Spenard Green Dot Training
Tuesday, October 11th, 6pm – 7pm at the Spenard Recreation Center. Click here for the event page.

Kincaid Green Dot Training
Thursday, October 13th, 6pm – 7pm at the Kincaid Chalet. Click here for the event page.


signed: Matt Claman

    Rep. Matt Claman

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