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Protecting Your Rights: Serving Sand Lake, Spenard, and Turnagain
September 16, 2016
In this issue:
• Staying Informed
• Ways to Report Crime
• How to Get Involved
• Additional Resources
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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

With some of the recent reports of crime in Anchorage, the community is concerned about public safety in our neighborhoods. In this newsletter, we have compiled a number​ of useful resources to keep you informed of public safety incidents, aware of ways to report crime, and involved in achieving better safety outcomes in your area.

Staying Informed

Email and Text Alerts

You can receive email and text updates from the Anchorage Police Department! NIXLE allows you to receive information from the APD via email or text. Learn about major road closures, public safety incidents, and what the police department is up to. Text your zip code to 888777 or click here to register.

If you would rather follow NIXLE updates online, visit:

Social Media Alerts

Follow the Anchorage Police Department and the Anchorage Fire Department on social media to get updates on major fire events, public safety, and fire awareness tips.

APD Facebook
APD Twitter
AFD Facebook
AFD Twitter

Crime Mapping System

Citizens can track crime in their area, view information about the incidents that occur, and sign up for crime alerts. Visit the Community Crime Map to stay informed about crime in your area.

Crime Map

Crime Prevention & Safety Tips

Click here for a full list of crime prevention and safety tips offered by the Anchorage Police Department to keep your family, home, and belongs safe and secure. 

Ways to Report Crime

In an emergency—which is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, the fire department, or an ambulance, including observing a crime in progress—please call 911!

In addition, there are other resources for reporting criminal activity.

Anchorage Crime Stoppers

Anchorage Crime Stoppers is an anonymous tip line that encourages citizens in the community to volunteer vital information helpful to law enforcement agencies to fight against crime. Callers are eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $1,000 if the given information leads to the arrest of a wanted felon or solves a felony crime.

Call the hotline at 561-STOP or submit a tip online.

Anchorage Crime Stoppers is an anonymous tip line

Anchorage Police Online Reporting System

Using the Anchorage Police Online Reporting System, citizens can submit information online to report drug information, identity theft, lost property, theft, theft from a vehicle, vandalism, vehicle tampering, etc. To file a report, click here.

How to Get Involved

Community Patrols

The Anchorage Coalition of Community Patrols is an organization that offers uniformity, equipment and access to grants for community patrols. Community patrol members help patrol streets and neighborhoods, assist citizens and officers as needed, standby for tows and stranded motorists, search for missing children and at-risk adults, and provide a number of other duties. There are currently four community patrols in the Municipality. Click here for a recent column describing the work of community patrols in Anchorage.

For more information about community patrols, or to get involved, email or call 786-8662.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Crime Watch is a citizen involvement, neighborhood, and community-based effort designed to assist citizens and the police in reducing crime and increasing a sense of safety and security in a neighborhood. It is a crime prevention program that is effective in reducing and preventing burglaries and other property crimes in residential areas.

Neighborhood Crime Watch is a citizen involvement, neighborhood, and community-based effort

For more information, email or call 786-8585. Click here if you would like to take the steps to establish a Neighborhood Watch in your area.

Trail Watch

Trail Watch taps into our community passion for trails by recruiting trail users to help promote safety and prevent crime. Volunteers receive safety training, agree to carry cell phones, wear distinctive armbands, report suspicious activity, and post incident reports on the Trail Watch website.

Click here to begin the short application process. After signing up, you will receive an automatic e-mail with instructions for picking up your armband and your new member packet. For more information, call 343-4587.

Trail Watch taps into our community passion for trails by recruiting trail users to help promote safety and prevent crime

Anchorage Police Department Citizen Academy

The Anchorage Police Department Citizen Police Academy program is a 13 week long course that promotes and enhances citizen understanding and awareness of the role of the APD in our community. Participants cover a number of topics, such as crime prevention, patrol procedures, cyber-crime, homicide investigations and evidence collection, and emergency preparedness.

While the fall 2016 academy has already begun, you could consider applying to be in the next Citizen’s Police Academy. Click here to learn more.

Anchorage Police Department Youth Academy

APD is accepting applications for its upcoming Fall Anchorage Police Department Youth Academy scheduled for Oct. 26 – Oct. 28. The 20-hour course is for high school juniors and seniors who want an in-depth perspective on how law enforcement serves their community.

Click here to fill out an application. Applications are due Monday, Sept. 19 at 5:00 pm.

Additional Resources

Reporting Homeless Camps

The Municipality recently opened a portal for residents to report homeless camps in their area. The portal helps the Anchorage Police Department contact campers in a timely manner, and expedite camp clean up. Click here to report a camp.

Anchorage Safety Patrol and Center

The Anchorage Safety Patrol actively patrols the downtown and midtown areas in search of persons that may be in need of assistance. If you see a person who appears to be incapacitated by alcohol or drugs, you can call 343-4006 and an ASP van with an Emergency Medical Technician will be dispatched to the location. Persons are then either transported to the Anchorage Safety Center or taken to the hospital for further care.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


signed: Matt Claman

    Rep. Matt Claman

    P.S. follow me on Facebook and Twitter

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