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Protecting Your Rights: Serving Sand Lake, Spenard, and Turnagain
June 20, 2017
In this issue:
• First Special Session Adjourns and
Second Special Session Begins
• Community Events

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On June 16, the legislature adjourned the first special session without  a fiscal plan compromise to address Alaska’s financial challenges. The Governor immediately called another special session. Like many in our community, I am disappointed that the Senate refused to join with the House and agree to a compromise plan that responsibly addresses our financial challenges.

Governor Calls Legislature into Second Special Session of 2017 

At the beginning of the year, the Alaska House Majority Coalition identified four pillars of a responsible action plan for Alaska: (1) structured use of the Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve while protecting the Dividend, (2) reformation of the oil tax system (3) new revenue from a broad-based tax, and (4) smart budget cuts. During the legislative session, the House passed all four pillars of a responsible action plan in the first 90 days. Since then, the Alaska House Majority Coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents has remained committed to comprehensively addressing our financial challenges. While the House Majority has repeatedly attempted to reach a compromise—offering a flat-tax proposal in the last days of the special session that brought in half of the revenue of the income tax approved by the House, the Senate has rejected a responsible action plan. Instead, the Senate has focused on a Permanent Fund-only revenue proposal, tried to limit discussion to the operating and capital budgets, and hoped for an increase in oil prices.

Since the legislature convened in January, however, the price of Alaska North Slope Crude on the West Coast has dropped from $54.83 (January 17, 2017) to $47.07 (June 16, 2017). This 14% drop in oil prices shows that a Permanent Fund-only solution to Alaska’s financial challenges is not responsible.

At 11:17 a.m. on June 16, Governor Walker signed an executive proclamation calling the legislature into a second special session in Juneau. In his press release, the Governor said he is “calling the legislature back in—initially, to focus on the operating budget.”

While I am disappointed that the Governor has stopped trying to work toward a comprehensive plan, the Senate’s refusal to meaningfully negotiate a comprehensive plan appears to leave the Governor with few alternatives. Alaskans deserve economic certainty and a sustainable path for the future. As we move forward in the second special session, I remain committed to a responsible action plan that puts Alaska first!

Community Events

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events:

Ted Stevens International Airport Runway Rehabilitation Public Meeting

Ted Stevens International Airport Runway Rehabilitation Public Meeting

You are invited to a Public Meeting to learn more about the project to rehabilitate runway 15/33 (the north/south runway), widen the runway, and update taxiway geometry to meet FAA standards. In addition, RW 15/33's aging pavement will be repaired. Project team members will be present at the meeting to answer questions about the proposed improvements and potential impacts.

In order to complete this work, the 15/33 runway will need to be closed to operations for 1 or 2 construction seasons, starting in 2018. Air traffic will be shifted to the east/west runways during construction.

When: 5:00pm to 7:00pm, Thursday, June 22nd (presentation at 5:30pm)
Where: Coast International Inn, 3450 Aviation Ave

For more information, contact Katherine Wood, Public Involvement Lead, at 907-644-2153, email or visit the project website and join the mailing list: 

Re-Imagining Anchorage Survey

The UAF Cooperative Extension Service, in partnership with the Municipality, is embarking on a “Re-imagining Anchorage” project intended to help Anchorage tackle urban problems. The project is part of a multi-state effort where urban areas are coming together to examine issues and collaborate on solutions. As part of the project, the Municipality of Anchorage and Extension seek your input and engagement. In addition to your feedback, literature reviews, survey and focus groups will be used in an effort to help urban communities move forward during challenging economic times.

Here is the link to the survey: 

The survey is active until June 30, 2017.

As always, please let us know if you have any question or concerns.


signed: Matt Claman

    Rep. Matt Claman

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