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Protecting Your Rights: Serving Sand Lake, Spenard, and Turnagain


June 15, 2018

In this issue:

•  Governor Walker Signs Crime Bill

•  Flight Pattern Change at Ted Stevens

•  2018 BP Teachers of Excellence Citation Presentation

•  End of Session Newsletter

•  Community Events

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Yesterday, Governor Walker signed House Bill 312, legislation I sponsored that gives practitioners, judges, and law enforcement the tools they need to address our greatest public safety needs and to protect our doctors and nurses.

Thank you to the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory for hosting the bill signing.


Governor Walker Signs Crime Bill

Taking positive steps and working to improve public safety for Alaska remains a top priority. Listening to the public, practitioners, and the Departments of Law and Public Safety, I sponsored House Bill 312 to improve public safety, provide safer neighborhoods for Alaska’s families, and protect the state’s medical professionals.

House Bill 312 passed by near-unanimous votes: 19-0 in the Senate and 39-1 in the House. The vote shows the legislature's recognition that justice reform is working. We rejected arguments to repeal and replace past legislation and favored balanced monitoring and review focused on improving public safety.

House Bill 312 accomplishes the following:

  • Ensures consideration of a defendant’s out-of-state criminal history in pre-trial release decisions;
  • Strengthens the pre-trial release assessment for those charged with vehicle theft and other felonies;
  • Gives Alaska’s Attorney General the authority to criminalize dangerous new controlled substances;
  • Increases surcharges imposed for felonies, misdemeanors, and violations and puts the increased revenue into public safety funding; and
  • Provides much-needed tools to help police and prosecutors reduce crimes against our doctors and nurses.

Rep. Claman speaking to the crowd at the House Bill 312 singing.

Rep. Claman chats with Deputy Chief Ken McCoy and Chief Justin Doll before the event.


Temporary Flight Pattern Change at Ted Stevens

The Department of Transportation has identified the need to update poor pavement conditions along the north-south runway at Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC). Over the next two summers, DOT will be repairing and rebuilding the north-south runway, Runway 15-33. This $70 million dollar project to ANC’s primary runway will help put Alaskans to work and assist in keeping ANC’s position as the 5th busiest cargo airport in the world. The ANC North/South Runway Renewal project will improve airport efficiency and safety by replacing the aging pavement and widening the runway to comply with new design standards that are needed to accommodate the largest cargo planes.




Construction is planned for two construction seasons: 2018 and 2019. During the 2018 summer, the runway will be partially closed. It will be fully closed during the 2019 summer. During construction, the majority of air traffic will be shifted to the east/west runways. Most arrivals will land from the west, and most departures will take off to the east, creating a temporary increase in air traffic and noise over areas east and southeast of the airport. The airport and the air carriers are making every effort reduce noise and impacts to local residents.

Once construction is complete, flight operations will return to normal and aircraft will return to the primary over water arrival and departure pattern. Normal operations will return in the late fall and winter once the construction season is over. This summer, in an effort to expedite project delivery, construction is scheduled 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, from the middle of June through October 2018. Below is a summary of activity explaining the impacts expected to occur during the summer construction season:

  • June 17: For two to three weeks the north-south runway will be fully closed. All aircraft will arrive and depart on the east-west runways.
  • Early July 2018: The north-south runway will reopen, but it will be shortened. The larger aircraft will most likely continue to only use the east-west runways. Small to medium sized aircraft should be able to use the north-south runway, but it is at the pilot’s discretion.
  • Fall 2018: North-south runway will fully reopen and flight operations will return to normal until next April.
  • April 2019 until Fall of 2019: North-south runway will be fully closed. All aircraft will use the east-west runways.

Airport representatives have been meeting and briefing community councils over the past year, as well as undertaking an intensive public involvement process as required during the environmental review of the project.  Documents such as the environmental review, FAQ, Project Fact Sheet, as well as continued project updates, construction details and noise maps can be found at the following project link: http://www.anc15-33.com/.

If you would like to comment on the project and its impacts, you can use the following comment form link: http://dot.state.ak.us/anc/commentForm.shtml.

For more information, please contact Katherine Wood, Public Involvement Lead, at 907-644-2153, email info@anc15-33.com, or visit the project website and join the mailing list.


BP Teachers of Excellence Citation

Last month I had the pleasure of joining my West Anchorage colleagues in honoring two of our incredible Dimond High School Teachers—Lem Wheeles and Lea Bouton—for being selected as 2018 BP Teachers of Excellence. We’re fortunate to have such skilled teachers working with our students.


Rep. Claman presents legislative citations with Rep. Grenn at Dimond High School.


End of Session Newsletter

Our 2018 End of Session Newsletter arrived in mailboxes last week. You can also view an online version by clicking the image below:




Community Events

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events:


41st Annual Equality Parade

Celebrate diversity by joining Identity, Inc. for the 41st Annual Equality Parade in downtown Anchorage! Businesses and groups will be marching in celebration of LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity.

Rep. Claman walks in the 2016 Pride Parade.

When Saturday, June 16th from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Where: Parade starts at 9th Ave and F Street. Check in is at the four corners of F St and 8th Ave.


Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon & Half

The longest day of the year means a long distance race for many in Anchorage. The Anchorage Mayor's Marathon & Half Marathon is a summer solstice tradition more than 40 years in the making.

When: Saturday, June 23rd from 7:30 AM – 3 PM
Where: Alaska Airlines Center – 3550 Providence Drive

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

signed: Matt Claman

Rep. Matt Claman

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