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Protecting Your Rights: Serving Sand Lake, Spenard, and Turnagain
May 5, 2017
In this issue:
• Approved Legislation
• House Bill 222 - Licensure of
Manicurists and Nail Technicians:
Question and Answer Forum
• Community Events

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The voter mandated 90th day of session has come and gone, and we're still working with the Senate on a responsible action plan for Alaska. The House and Senate continue to discuss all four pillars of the House’s responsible action plan, and both the House and Senate have passed several good pieces of legislation. 

Approved Legislation

House Bill 23 - Insurance for Dependents of Deceased Police Officers and Firefighters

Last week, the Alaska State Legislature approved a bill to extend healthcare coverage to the families of peace officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. House Bill 23 passed the House unanimously in March and a modified version passed the Senate in April. On Wednesday, the House concurred with the Senate changes. HB 23 creates a special fund under the direction of the Alaska Department of Public Safety to continue providing health insurance for families whose loved one was killed in the line of duty. Under the bill, the State of Alaska will pay 100 percent of the premiums for the families for up to 10 years, or until the dependent children lose eligibility. It's our job as a community to help take care of the families of troopers, police, and firefighters who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I was pleased to support HB 23 and look forward to Governor Walker signing the bill.​

House Bill 80 - Municipal Energy Improvement Bonds

In an effort to incentivize the construction of energy efficient buildings and reduce energy costs for Alaskans, the Legislature passed the Municipal Property Assessed Clean Energy Act (PACE). PACE establishes a mechanism to finance energy improvements on commercial properties within municipalities. The legislation allows building owners to finance improvements, including energy conservation or renewable energy systems, with future payments secured through property tax assessments. Under this new legislation, commercial property owners who have taken out loans to upgrade their energy systems or build energy-efficient buildings may incorporate the cost of the construction into the purchase price for the next owner at the time of sale. The loan would be incorporated into the property tax assessment and paid back as part of the property tax payments over the remaining lifetime of the loan. The Act also extends to tribal, municipal, and federal properties. 

House Bill 78 - Indigenous Peoples Day 

The Alaska Legislature approved a bill to name the second Monday in October "Indigenous Peoples Day." Designating Indigenous Peoples Day in Alaska is a small, but important way for Alaskans to come together to celebrate and honor the culture and history of Alaska's First People. "Indigenous Peoples Day" has been celebrated in Alaska for the past two years thanks to one-year proclamations by Governor Walker. The Municipality of Anchorage already celebrates this important day. I look forward to joining Alaskans from all over our great state to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day in the fall.

Senate Bill 46 - African American Soldiers' Highway Day

Last week, Governor Walker signed into law Senate Bill 46, which designates October 25 of each year as "African American Soldiers' Contribution to Building the Alaska Highway Day." The bill honors the contributions of African American soldiers in building the Alaska Highway and recognizes their inspirational efforts. Sadly, in the House, one legislator refused to support the bill, but I was pleased to see the bill broadly supported by the Legislature.

House Bill 222 - Licensure of Manicurists: Question and Answer Forum

Last week, the House passed legislation that I introduced relating to the licensure of Alaska’s manicurists and nail technicians. House Bill 222 repeals burdensome 2015 legislation, which required all manicurists to meet the standards of an advanced manicurist. The 2015 bill disadvantaged current license holders and small Alaska businesses. House Bill 222 would allow experienced manicurists to continue practicing without requiring redundant training. Current law impacts over 900 practicing manicurists in the state of Alaska. Several individuals have contacted my office to ask more questions about the bill and its status in the Senate. To better answer your questions, I’ll be hosting a question and answer forum this weekend.

When: 7:00pm to 8:00pm, Sunday, May 7th
Where: The second floor of the Anchorage Legislative Information Office - 1500 W. Benson Boulevard.

For more information, please contact our office at (907) 465-4919 or visit our Facebook event page​.

Community Events

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events:

Citywide Cleanup Week

Citywide Cleanup Week

The Anchorage Chamber Citywide Cleanup Week is held April 29th to May 6th. The city is hosting several cleanup events as well as a 'Free Dump Day' at the Anchorage Landfill in Eagle River. Trash bags can be picked up at the Customer Service Desk of any Fred Meyer location in Anchorage or Eagle River with a limit of two (2) bags per person. If your organization, group, or business would like to clean together, you can register your team to reserve more bags.

The Turnagain Community Council is sponsoring a cleanup event this Saturday,
May 6th at Earthquake Park.
TCC will provide gloves, bags, and light refreshments.
Meet at the parking lot at 10:00am.

Bike to Work Day

In an effort to encourage healthy active lifestyles, and promote improved air quality and traffic congestion, the Anchorage Municipality is hosting its annual Bike to Work Day.  This year nearly 50 businesses and organizations are joining in to host treat stations. Check out the map for this year’s stations and don’t miss the bacon station hosted by Bike Anchorage!

When: 6:00am to 9:00am, 4:00pm to 6:00pm, Wednesday, May 17th
Where: The second floor of the Anchorage Legislative Information Office - 1500 W. Benson Boulevard.

Bike to Work Day

As always, please let us know if you have any question or concerns.


signed: Matt Claman

    Rep. Matt Claman

    P.S. follow me on Facebook and Twitter

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