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From the Desk of Rep. Seaton, February 19th, 2018: Greetings from Juneau on this 35th day of the session and Happy Presidents Day

Greetings from Juneau on this 35th day of the session and Happy Presidents Day. The losses in the Florida school last week wound my heart. I pray that we can find an effective means to prevent such shootings in Alaska and on the Kenai Peninsula. I am encouraged by the voices of the young people who are speaking out for change.

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From the Desk of Representative Seaton: February 12, 2018

Greetings from Juneau on this 28th day of the session. There are all kinds of reasons to celebrate this week, from Mardi Gras to Valentine’s Day to Elizabeth Peratrovitch Day - have a great week! I was delighted to hear the KBBI report on the community education opportunities through the Homer Library’s Girls Coding class. Click here to hear the giggles and fun girls had while learning!

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Rep. Paul Seaton

Rep. Seaton’s February 5th Newsletter: From the Desk of Representative Seaton

Greetings from Juneau on this 21st day of the session. It’s been a busy week here in windy Juneau. I’m happy to report we are on schedule with the budget. Most everyone is trying to be less confrontational to do our work for Alaskans in a timely manner. The Majority Caucus feels that violence against women is never acceptable. Our call for Rep. Fansler to resign has been satisfied and the Governor and District 38 are in the process of selecting a new Representative. I will be starting my Governor and Legislative finance subcommittees this week. Listen here for my discussion of our early funding for Education during last week’s Majority Press conference.

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