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Rep. Bob Miller’s Newsletter: Hello from Juneau; Focus; Constituents; Stay in Touch; Looking Forward;

Hello from Juneau! During the first week of session, the people’s business started right away. New bills were introduced in both houses and committees conducted hearings within the first few days. We heard from experts testifying about a new technology to get heavy oil out of the ground on the North Slope and down the TAPS pipeline. The Senate Judiciary Committee hosted a crime summit for several days to look at ways to cut crime rates. I had the opportunity in committee to vote in favor of HB 247 which, if it makes it through the full House and the Senate would establish Alaska National Guard Day each July 30th. I expect much more legislation to start coming through committees in the coming days.

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Newsletter from Rep. Holmes: Protecting Consumers, Reversing the Brain Drain and Growing Our Economy

The Legislature is up and running and I wanted to take this opportunity to fill you in on some of the legislation I’m pursuing this session. One important role I take very seriously is my responsibility to help protect consumers. My House Bill 274 would close a loophole in the state’s consumer protection laws. My bill would allow the state to go after abusive companies who are not being pursued by the federal government.

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Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: Welcome Back to Juneau!

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Happy New Year to you from my Juneau office! It's cold here, but nothing compares to the negative degree temperatures in the Interior. The legislative session kicked off Tuesday, and as usual the halls are filled with legislators and staff from around the state to work for the constituents of the state. Of course, everyone is anticipating a major continued debate about the Governor's tax break for big oil corporations.

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Rep. Doogan in Juneau: SPECIAL HE’S BACK! EDITION

Here I am. Again. It appears that the wages of sin are not death. They are 90 days in Juneau. No, that's not true. I like Juneau. And I have, for the most part, enjoyed my time in the legislature. It has been interesting and difficult, odd and entertaining. I have made some friends and a few enemies. You'd be surprised which was which. I know I was.

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Rep. Petersen’s Report from the Capitol: Legislative Session Begins: Petersen’s Priorities Are Cheaper Energy, Safer Neighborhoods, and Better Schools

The Legislature just gaveled into session yesterday. The top priorities I have heard from your emails, and from going door to door throughout our neighborhoods, are the need for lower energy costs, safer neighborhoods, and improving our neighborhood schools. These will be my top priorities for this session. I have a couple of new bills this session, and I have some important bills from last session that I will continue to push.

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Rep. Bob Miller’s Newsletter: Hello from Juneau; Focus; Stay in Touch; Looking Forward;

Hello from Juneau! The 2012 Legislative Session is only a few days in, but the busy schedule has already kicked into high gear. You can expect regular newsletter updates from me throughout the session, updating you on meetings I have, bills I'm sponsoring, and other legislative activity. I will continue to sit on four committees: Health and Social Services, Labor and Commerce, Fisheries, and Military and Veterans Affairs. I am anxious to continue the work begun last year, and to keep focus on those issues most important to those of us lucky enough to live in Fairbanks!

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