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Note from Rep. Gara: Mourning the Loss of a Great Legislator: Rep. Carl Gatto

Yesterday Alaska lost a great legislator, and a great family man. He was a friend of mine and of many. Carl Gatto, a fiercely independent Palmer Republican, fought prostate cancer for roughly a decade, and, though spry and active until very recently, passed away after bravely battling a month of rapidly declining health. Carl and I had a running joke. We were both born in New York, and in our first year as legislators, voters, administrators who sent us our hiring packets, and many others got us mixed up. For a year I got blamed for his votes and he got blamed for mine - which we kidded about. I claimed the confusion got him votes because people thought he was me; he claimed it got me votes because it was obvious people thought I was him. He was probably right.

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Four bills Nine Days = Chaos Nine days from the scheduled end of the session and we’re sending House bills to the Senate. Not to be too inside about it, but that means one of two things: 1) those bills are D-E-D dead; 2) we are going to be here longer than 90 days. All the talk here is about option #2. Here’s why. There are four important bills left: the operating budget, the capital budget, the bill to greatly expand the power of a new agency to build an in-state gas pipeline (HB 9) and the bill to hand more money to the oil industry (SB 192).

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Note from Rep. Gara: The End (Of Session) Is Near. Or It Isn’t. An Update Anyway.

We have a number of priorities that have passed, may pass, or are on life support but could pass in the next 14 days. One of our priorities is NOT an extended Special Session that takes us past the voter-approved 90-day session. And when I say “special,” I mean it in the way an irritated woman in a bar calls an annoying drunk guy with unending and bad pickup lines “special.” I think we can get our work done on time, but I’m one of sixty votes. I won’t detail these bills, but this week there will be a constitutional amendment to provide state money to private and religious schools – something I think will detract from needed support for public education, and will vote against.

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Rep. Kerttula’s Juneau Newsletter: Choose Respect and Instate Gasline Passes House

Don't forget that Permanent Fund Dividend applications are due before midnight tonight! You can apply online at the Permanent Fund Dividend Division website. While you're there, consider using Pick. Click. Give. to donate to your favorite non-profit organizations. As we near the last two weeks of session, the Legislature is moving very quickly. This week, my newsletter includes articles on two important issues: domestic violence and sexual assault and gaslines. Thank you for reading my newsletter. I appreciate hearing from you, so please stop by the office, call, write or email.

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