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Rep. Lindsey Holmes Newsletter: Protecting Alaskan Consumers

This morning, the Alaska State House passed my House Bill 274 which will bolster the state’s ability to stand up for the rights of Alaskan consumers. According to a recent decision by a federal judge, a provision in Alaska law could prevent the state from enforcing Alaska’s Consumer Protection laws in cases where federal and state enforcement responsibilities overlap. This could block the state from pursuing claims against corporations engaged in illegal business practices.

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Sean Parnell, Last of the Big Spenders The Parnell administration is still flailing around, trying to find a pretext for hitting the oil industry in the palm with $1 billion or $2 billion a year until the sun goes out. The rocket surgeons at the state Department of Revenue have tried a bunch of reasons for giving our money away: more jobs, more state revenue and keeping the trans-Alaska pipeline working. Finally, they settled on – all three. Plus anything else they can think of. Why, I once heard Commissioner of Revenue Bryan Butcher say that if we didn’t support the giveaway, we’d all have bad breath and dingy teeth. I immediately made a vow to switch my position on oil taxes – and floss more often.

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Rep. Bob Miller’s Newsletter: Save the Date – Feb. 19th Constituent Meeting

This week, I am sending this newsletter reminding you to join Senator Joe Thomas, Representative David Guttenberg, and me for a constituent meeting this weekend at the West Valley High School Library. It will take place on Sunday, February 19th, from 1-3 PM. These get-togethers are one of my favorite parts about being a legislator, as they provide a great opportunity for us to talk directly with you. I hope you'll stop by, have a cup of coffee, and then share some of your thoughts and ideas about what's going on in Juneau.

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Rep. Petersen’s Report from the Capitol: Pizza Party February 18th; Improving Absentee Voting Options; Using Garbage to Make Energy

Mark Your Calendars: Neighborhood Pizza Party February 18 The legislative session is well underway, and it is very important that I hear your thoughts on what you want to see us working on. Senator Bill Wielechowski and I will be holding a neighborhood pizza party on Saturday February 18 from 2:30 to 4pm at the Boys and Girls Club Northeast Community Center. I hope to see you there.

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Democrats: Today’s Resources Build Tomorrow’s Opportunity; Democratic Response to the State of the State shows vision for Alaska

JUNEAU – In her response to the governor's state of the state speech tonight, House Democratic Leader Beth Kerttula (Juneau) told Alaskans that Alaska must use today's resources to build tomorrow's future. "You've elected us to lead, and it's our job to lead in a way that honors Alaska's courageous spirit by using today's resources to build tomorrow's opportunities," said Rep. Kerttula.

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“The House Majority supports this education based income tax as one part of the solution to grow a stable economy.”

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