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Rep. Sam Kito's newsletter

Rep. Kito’s Newsletter: Action Alert

This isn’t my usual “Southeast Spotlight” newsletter (that will be coming to you in the next couple days). Instead, I wanted to send a quick heads up about an additional opportunity to testify on the operating budget. After expressing concerns that many Alaskans would be unable to testify during the scheduled times due to work obligations, I am pleased to report that the Committee Chair will be providing additional opportunities to testify by telephone in the evening hours

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Rep. Guttenberg's Legislative Report

Rep. Guttenberg’s Newsletter: Action Alert: Budget Testimony Tomorrow!

This week the House Finance Committee will hear operating budget testimony. Now, more than ever, it is important that people speak out. The House Finance budget subcommittees made some drastic cuts, not unexpected given our fiscal climate, but many of the cuts are lopsided. They cut programs that have a proven track record of saving the state money and bringing in federal funds.

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Rep. Josephson's Newsletter

Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Public Testimony Scheduled

This week the House Finance committee will be holding public testimony on the State Operating Budget. Anchorage has its own time slot and day scheduled so if you have any concerns this will be your chance to be heard. Are you’re concerned about the projected cuts to public education ($23.3 million); cuts to the University budget (about $35 million); the exclusion of Medicaid Expansion; the closure of the Wildland Fire Academy in McGrath; or any other department cuts (or non-cuts)? We want to hear from you!

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