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Democrats’ Bill to Extend Voting by Mail Passes Committee

Bill would make it easier for seniors, rural Alaskans and people with disabilities to vote JUNEAU – Representative Max Gruenberg's bill to make voting by mail easier passed the House State Affairs Committee today. The bill would allow all Alaskans the same right as military and overseas voters whose applications to vote by mail remain effective for two general elections (up to four years). "Participating in our democracy is a right of citizenship," said Rep. Gruenberg (D-Anchorage), "and it should not be made difficult or inconvenient. Reducing the paperwork to vote by mail makes it easier for Alaskans to vote, especially those who have a hard time getting to their polling place."

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House Bill 260 “Permanent Absentee Voting”

This act will streamline the absentee voting process for Alaskans by giving voters the option to register for permanent absentee voting status for state elections. Once a voter is on the permanent absentee voter roll, they will not have to fill out an absentee request form for each election cycle. Instead, an absentee ballot will be automatically sent to them by the Division of Elections...

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House Bill 278 “Sex Offender Probation Conditions”

This act will amend the current statute AS 12.55.100(e) to include a provision that will prevent individuals registered as a sex offender to live in a residence where outdoor equipment is located on the property. This act will give judges the opportunity to restrict specific sex offenders from having any item a child would want to play on like a trampoline or a jungle gym. These items can be used to lure children into a situation where a past offender could create a relationship with the child, leading to a repeat offense. Under current law, registered sex offenders may be required to refrain from using or creating a web site, communicating with children less than 16 years of age, possessing or using a computer, and residing within 500 feet of a school...

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House Bill 244 “Corporations Not ‘Persons’ in Elections”

"An Act providing that for-profit corporations and limited liability companies organized in this state are not persons for purposes of influencing the outcomes of public office elections, initiatives, referendums, or recalls." House Bill 244 will prohibit corporations from contributing to elections. This bill will amend state law that allows corporations to be recognized as persons and therefore contribute to campaigns with unlimited financial contributions...

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House Bill 305 “Property Tax Fairness Act”

In 2006, the Legislature significantly broadened the definition of religious property by including exemptions for the residence of “an educator in a private religious or parochial school.” This legislation also expanded the definition of “minister,” broadened the ordination standard for ministers, and made these tax exemptions mandatory for all Alaska municipalities – creating another unfunded mandate...

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Rep. Miller Calls for Facts on Getting Cook Inlet Gas to Fairbanks

If gas is there, it could be the cheapest, fastest way to lower Fairbanks energy costs JUNEAU – Today, Representative Bob Miller (D-Fairbanks) introduced legislation (HB 308) to study the potential for meeting Fairbanks and Interior energy needs by building a small-diameter natural gas pipeline from Cook Inlet to Fairbanks. “If there’s as much gas there as some think, a small pipeline from Cook Inlet to Fairbanks could be the cheapest, fastest long-term solution for lowing energy costs in Fairbanks,” said Rep. Miller. “But we won’t know unless we do our homework first.”

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Democrats Work to End Unlimited Campaign Spending

Legislation would make Alaska a leader in national effort to rein in big-money politics (JUNEAU) – Today, 13 House and Senate Democrats introduced legislation aimed at scaling back rules allowing corporations, wealthy donors, and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money, sometimes in the millions, to get candidates elected. Companion resolutions (HJR 33 and SJR 13) introduced today in the Alaska House and Senate call for a federal constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United case that opened the corporate and union campaign spending floodgates. A separate House bill would return Alaska’s right to limit corporate contributions by making corporations not considered “persons” for purposes of Alaska election law.

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