Budget Whiplash: Cut, then funded, then vetoed, then funded again, and now vetoed again…

I’m calling this the Budget Whiplash Edition. So many important items in our state operating budget have been proposed to be cut, then funded by the legislature, then vetoed by the Governor, then re-funded by the legislature, only to be vetoed again. Who can keep up? This is no way to run a state. It’s not ok that the budget is being signed in late August, again with major implications and lasting changes for Alaskans. While it’s not all bad news, there are reasons to be concerned.

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2,442 emails: 2,378 oppose vetoes, 64 support vetoes

I wish I were writing to you from Anchorage with our work here in Juneau completed and some certainty to the outcome. I’m sorry that isn’t the case today. The press coverage has been extensive, but let me try and walk you through the remaining issues all being weighted down by the disagreement over the size of the PFD.

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