The Legislature Passed a Budget

Adjusted for inflation and population, the budget is the lowest it has been in 15 years, since 2005. It is a reduction of $190 million from last year. The budget is $4.3 billion in Unrestricted General Funds (UGF) for agency and statewide operations. We did not dip into savings; in fact, we have an approximately $600 million surplus. However, as discussed below, it does not include the dividend. It is now headed to the Governor’s desk. The Capital Budget is still being discussed.

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The Governor Has Called A Special Session

Last week, we adjourned our regular session and the Governor immediately called the Legislature into a special session to focus on: crime reform legislation, education funding, and the operating and capital budgets. Below is a quick update on each of these items.

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House of Representatives votes to repeal and replace Senate Bill 91

House Bill 49, which passed 24-to-14, would enact changes that are tough on criminals and give police and prosecutors the tools they need to make Alaska safe. At the same time, the legislation helps victims receive justice and maintains a commitment to enacting policy changes based on objective information, data, and input from police officers, prosecutors, and public defenders.

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