NEWS: Parnell Withholding Important Oil Tax Information, Gara Calls for Public Release

JUNEAU – Today, Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) called on the governor to release information he has withheld regarding the governor’s oil tax legislation. Two weeks ago Rep. Gara filed a public records request for important oil tax information so that legislators could receive information needed to decide how to address proposals on the subject. The governor has not yet responded.

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NEWS: Rep. Gara Calls Out Governor’s Flip Flopping on Oil Taxes

Today, Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) called on the governor to explain his continuing change in position on Alaska’s oil tax law, known as ACES. In 2010, the governor took a position that was in line with that being pushed by House and Senate Democrats – that reasonable tax cuts should be tied to Alaska production, and breaks should not be given to companies that would spend them outside Alaska in “some other country.”

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Note from Rep. Gara: Oil Production for Tax Reduction; And a Poll: Gulp, Want Shorter Newsletters?

Our Oil Bill: Alaska Production to Earn Tax Reductions

Earlier this month I and others filed legislation we think will work far better than the Governor’s bill. It requires Alaska production for reasonable tax reductions. That contrasts to the Governor’s bill, the major part of which gives away $1 – $2 billion in Alaska revenue allowing companies to spend that money anywhere they want in the world, with no Alaska investment requirements.

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NEWS: Democrats Introduce Oil Tax Alternative

Reduction for Production: Bill Targets New Oil in the Pipe and Protects Alaska

JUNEAU – House and Senate Democratic legislators introduced legislation today to grant tax concessions to oil producers who put new oil into the pipeline. The bill (SB50, HB 111) targets tax incentives to new fields and to new development in existing fields, and it offers other incentives outside the tax code to spark new development.

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BREAKING: Democrats Press Conference – Oil Tax Alternative

House and Senate Democrats to hold press conference today to introduce oil tax alternative

WHAT: Democratic legislators Press Conference to introduce their oil tax alternative
WHEN: 12:00 noon, Monday, February 11, 2013
WHERE: Butrovich Room, State Capitol

TELECONFERENCE: From Juneau: 463-5009
Outside Juneau: 855-463-5009

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Rep. Kerttula’s Newsletter: Oil & Gas Taxes: Give Oil Companies the Right Incentives

One of the most important things the Legislature deals with is taxes
for oil and gas. The reason it’s so important is because approximately 80 to 90 percent of the State of Alaska’s general fund revenues come from these taxes. That means oil and gas revenues are responsible for funding schools, building roads and all the other things the government does for Alaskans.

This week, the Anchorage Daily News ran an opinion piece I wrote describing why it’s a bad idea to change our current structure.

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I appreciate hearing from you, so please stop by the office, call, write or email.

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Note from Rep. Gara: Rehabilitating the Truth On Oil Taxes, Avoidable School Cuts, Record UA Foster Youth Enrollment

Would You Like Some Facts With Your Hyperbole, Sir?

It hasn’t surprised me to hear some of the claims on the oil tax debate this past year. The implication is that those who didn’t support the Governor’s $2 billion giveaway (which allows companies to take our tax dollars and spend them outside Alaska if they wish) are happy with the status quo. Horsepucky. Hey, did you know there is no computer spell check for horsepucky? Well, that’s not important. Anyway, no one in the Legislature voted for the status quo. NO ONE.

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Rep. Kerttula’s Juneau News: In Your Mailbox – Electronic Version of the Annual Print Newsletter

Dear friends and neighbors,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent Juneau; it is an honor and a pleasure serving you and our great community.

2012 was my fourteenth session with the Alaska State House of Representatives and sixth year as House Minority Leader. My seniority and leadership position in the Legislature have allowed me to strengthen and protect Juneau’s interests as I work to help improve our community and our state.

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