Rep. Tuck’s June 28th Newsletter: Legislative Budget and Special Session Update

In a major step forward, the Legislature has passed a compromise operating budget with a bipartisan vote of 31 to 8 in the Alaska House. This budget is not ideal, but it is necessary to prevent a government shutdown on July 1 which would have brought a halt to Alaskans’ ability to provide for their families at the most crucial time of year for many economic activities.

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Rep. Claman’s June 9th Newsletter: The Path to Deficit Reduction

The Governor recently suggested an approach to Alaska’s financial challenges that uses parts of the House and Senate budget plans. One element of his proposal is a school head tax. The main question Alaskans are asking is how to reduce the deficit in the future.

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Rep. Tuck’s Newsletter: Testimony on Income Tax Tomorrow, Friday PFD Application Deadline

Alaska is on the brink of economic failure as the budget deficit adds to thousands of job losses already resulting from loss of revenues caused by low oil prices and large cash subsidies to the oil industry. The Alaska House Majority Coalition was formed to save the economy and protect jobs.

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