Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Thirteen days. Where are we?

Before moving to Juneau for the 90 day legislative session, I wrote a newsletter predicting the big issues for this year. Well, it’s day 77. Only thirteen days to go (assuming we do not go in to a special or “extended” session). In this newsletter, I want to give you an update on those issues and where they are in the legislative process.

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Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Silencing Alaskans?

An ongoing theme from last year’s session is the attempt to cut the public out of the state’s decision-making process. I was opposed to HB 77 (one of last year’s most contentious bills) from its inception. I was proud of the public uproar over that bill. Alaskans’ voices always deserve to be heard. HB 77 is on the move again as well as another bill that aims to reduce public involvement (HB 47).

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Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Early Observations

My staff and I have reached the end of the first week of session. I wanted to take the time in this newsletter to update you on some of my early observations about what’s happened and what’s to come this session: things like more money to public schools or vouchers, HB77, and a large diameter natural gasline.

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NEWS: Democrats Call on Governor to Not Leave Fish High and Dry

Legislators propose amendment So Needed Water Isn’t Withdrawn From Fishing Streams

Today, Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) called on the governor to honor his promise not to “trade one resource for another” [Fairbanks Daily News Miner, March 11, 2010]. He called for the governor’s support in ensuring Alaska’s fish-producing streams maintain the water they need to support healthy fish runs.

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Committee to Hear Democrats’ Bill to Create Non-partisan Primary Election

Bill would give Alaskans freedom to vote for any candidate, regardless of political party

JUNEAU – Today, the House State Affairs Committee is scheduled to hear Democratic legislation (HB 77) to establish a non-partisan primary in Alaska so Alaskans can have the freedom to vote for whomever they want in each election, regardless of their, or the candidate’s, party affiliation. Representative Max Gruenberg (D-Anchorage), Representative Sharon Cissna (D-Anchorage) and Representative Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks) sponsored the legislation, and Representative Pete Petersen (D-Anchorage) is a co-sponsor.

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