House Bill 308 “Study Cook Inlet to Fairbanks Gas Pipeline”

Alaska is a state replete with natural resources. However, despite our substantial access to oil, gas, and minerals, many parts of the state suffer extremely high energy costs.

ith one company claiming a large potential new gas find in Cook Inlet and significant new exploration interest in the region, there could be enough gas to meet Southcentral and Interior needs.

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Rep. Miller Calls for Facts on Getting Cook Inlet Gas to Fairbanks

If gas is there, it could be the cheapest, fastest way to lower Fairbanks energy costs

JUNEAU – Today, Representative Bob Miller (D-Fairbanks) introduced legislation (HB 308) to study the potential for meeting Fairbanks and Interior energy needs by building a small-diameter natural gas pipeline from Cook Inlet to Fairbanks.

“If there’s as much gas there as some think, a small pipeline from Cook Inlet to Fairbanks could be the cheapest, fastest long-term solution for lowing energy costs in Fairbanks,” said Rep. Miller. “But we won’t know unless we do our homework first.”

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