NEWS: Alaska House Seeks to Extend Workers Compensation to the Organized Militia

Juneau – The Alaska House of Representatives today unanimously approved legislation to extend workers compensation coverage to members of Alaska’s organized militia. Members of the Alaska State Defense Force are covered by workers compensation when ordered into active state service, however, that protection does not extend during training exercises.

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Rep. Tuck’s Newsletter: Neighborhood Crime Alert

The upsetting news that of one our neighbors on Linda Lane has been shot during a break-in has heightened my concerns about the apparent rise in violent crime in our area and throughout Anchorage this summer.

It is my understanding that the suspect is still at large, heightening our need to be vigilant at all times.

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NEWS: Rep. Tuck Applauds Unanimous Approval of a New Code of Military Justice for the Alaska National Guard

JUNEAU – The Alaska Senate voted unanimously Sunday night in favor of House Bill 126 to reform the Alaska National Guard by creating a Code of Military Justice based on the federal Uniform Code of Military Justice. The code has not been updated since 1955, and most Guard members did not know a Code of Military Justice existed. HB 126 passed the Alaska House of Representatives in February, also by a unanimous vote. The new Code of Military Justice lays out the process to deal with members of the Alaska National Guard who violate military rules and orders.

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