Note from Rep. Gara: No Politics, Just A Strong Yank At Your Heartstrings: “Laptops For Foster Youth” Holiday Drive

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We missed our Chanukah Edition. Oy (I’m Jewish and can say that!). But with Christmas approaching, and this being a holiday season for many, I just want to take advantage of your amazing generosity. Again. Because I know you care, and you’ve shown it over and over.

Is the soft sell going OK so far?

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NEWS: Alaska Foster Parent Ad Wins National Honors

Rep. Gara congratulates Alaska DHSS for its work on the winning video

Today, Representative Les Gara congratulated the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) for earning five awards in the National Public Health Information Coalition’s 2013 Awards for Excellence in Public Health Communications, including the gold medal for its foster parent recruitment video, “One Child.”

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Note from Rep. Gara: National Award For Foster Care Work: And Make Alaska Better Even if Some In Congress Are Threatening to Make Things Worse

Dear Neighbors,

Tired of politicians making government not work – and threatening to spin your economy and retirement accounts down the drain? That’s just not happy news to wake up to every day. It’s not even good theater unless you like 10 hour speeches about Dr. Seuss by those who hold your economy hostage.

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Note from Rep Gara: Action Alert- Toothless the Cat and Former Foster Youth Who Lost Everything in Monday’s Home Fire

A Time To Help

I came back from a great vacation to bad news – that two hard-working former foster youth who are struggling to succeed, and their roommate who works at Campfire and helps foster and disadvantaged youth, lost everything in Monday’s Eastside home fire. This is where we come in.

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Note from Rep. Gara: Small Efforts Can Change a Life: May is Foster Care Month

Okay, it’s time I walked the talk. Do politicians ever do that? Are we allowed? Um. Yes.

This week I gave away my favorite laptop to the Laptops for Foster Youth program we started with Facing Foster Care in Alaska a few years ago. They will work with the State to match that laptop with a foster youth or recent alumni pursuing college or success in the job market. Foster youth will do, well, what kids do with laptops.

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