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House Plan

Senate Plan

Supports a diversified economy and sustainable revenue
Drains savings while praying for oil prices to rise
Keeps qualified teachers in the classroom and educates our kids for the future
$90+ million of cuts to education, fires 700 qualified teachers and staff, ends all early learning, and devastates University of Alaska
Seniors, Elders and Veterans
Honors our seniors, elders, and veterans by keeping Pioneer Homes open
Betrays trust by closing Pioneer Homes putting seniors, elders, and veterans at risk
Keeps more Alaskans working
Cuts result in more job layoffs, mostly in private sector
PFD & Permanent Fund
Guarantees at least $1250/person, Protects the fund for the future and protects the dividend
Limited to only $1000/person, Threatens the fund and strictly limits dividend
Oil Subsidies
Prioritizes Alaskans by standing up against corporate subsidies to oil and works to get Alaskans a fair share
Prioritizes oil companies with $1 million/day tax subsidy giveaway
Prevents deep recession and retains property values
Prolongs recession, costs more jobs, slows rate of recovery
Capital plan for safe roads, bridges, and airports
Threatens public safety with deferred maintenance and little support for road maintenance, snow plowing, and safety improvements
Public Safety
Sustainably funds Troopers, VPSO’s, prosecutors, and programs designed to prevent crime
Funds Trooper positions through a one-time capital budget addition, reduces funding for VPSO’s, fails to address substance abuse and other known drivers of high crime rates
Fish and Game
Champions Alaskan way of life with funding for fish and game
Funding cuts undermine hunting and fishing opportunities