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Rep. Guttenberg's Legislative Report

Rep Guttenberg Legislation & Senate Budget Newsletter

I am glad the Senate chose to support the University but I am disappointed in their cuts to public safety and Medicaid. These cuts directly harm Alaskans. Rising crime rates will be difficult to address without the necessary resources. The $70.45 million is equal to a 48% cut to Medicaid services. Thousands of Alaskans are on Medicaid and will experience a decline in their quality of services. Alaskans deserve better than this.

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Rep Edgmon April 6th Newsletter

While at this time of session we expect many differences between the House and Senate versions of the Operating Budget, there is already one major component of the bill that has been agreed on. Yesterday, Senate leaders indicated that they will uphold the $1600 amount for the FY19 PFD that the House included in its version of the budget. This is a $500 increase over the FY18 PFD. We hope this increase will benefit not only individual Alaskans but also the broader state economy.

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Rep. Andrew Josephson

Josephson E-blast–April Edition

Today, the House achieved a milestone for Workers’ Compensation in Alaska – my bill, HB 38, passed the House. Dubbed the Abigail Caudle bill, House Bill 38, passed along caucus lines, despite the fact that the minority supported the larger pieces of the bill. Nevertheless, I am incredibly excited to see this legislation move to the Senate.

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Rep. Adam Wool

Adam Wool Enews: Dividends, Distilleries, and Other Capitol News

On Monday, after two weeks of debate, the House voted 21-19 to pass the State's operating budget. This comes after more than 80 amendments on the House Floor were presented by the House Minority, and after extensive debate on the Permanent Fund payouts last week. Overall, this budget spends $4.46 billion of the State's Undesignated General Fund (UGF,) and with federal money coming in and the PFD payments to Alaskans, the budget totals $10.1 billion. I support this budget, and I believe it provides for the needs of Alaskans.

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