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Representative Lincoln’s Recap April 24th Edition

Springtime greetings from Juneau. I hope I’m able to make it back home before the snow melts. The Alaska Legislature is starting its 15th week in session, and we’re making progress on the budget and legislation important to our district. The House and Senate each passed their version of the state operating budget to fund schools, public safety and other essential services, and talks are underway to resolve the differences between the two versions to reach a compromise that is good for Alaskans.

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Rep Guttengergs Day 95 Update!

Today marks day 95 of session and we are getting closer to adjourning. The State Operating Budget Conference Committee started to meet this week. This is where the House and Senate negotiate the differences in our respective budgets. They have been meeting every day and will continue working until we have a fully funded budget that satisfies both bodies.

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