NEWS: “New” Oil Regs a Fool’s Errand, Need More Work and Review

Democratic Legislators highlight big risks in draft Oil Wealth Giveaway regulations

JUNEAU – Today, Alaska Democratic Legislators warned of significant risks, impossible expectations, and the potential for industry to game the system in their official comment letter to the Alaska Department of Revenue on its proposed regulations for Senate Bill 21, the governor’s oil wealth giveaway.

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Note from Rep. Gara: Good Urban and Rural Projects, and That Tennis Court.

A Newer, Safer, Stronger Covenant House

First, Covenant House opened a new facility in Anchorage – which the Legislature, private entities and foundations and others helped fund. And you might want to volunteer there after reading this – their number is 272-1255. I did last week on a pizza and movie outing, and plan to again.

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NEWS: Congress’ Student Loan Fix Highlights Need for Alaska Rate Reduction

Today’s federal deal doesn’t lower burden of high-cost Alaska student loans

Today, after Congress passed a compromise plan to address federal student loan rates, Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) is encouraged that this could improve the chances of finding a way to reduce the high cost of Alaska student loans and help lower the costs of higher education and job training for Alaskans.

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NEWS: As Congress Debates Student Loans, Alaska Should Act

Reps. Gara and Tarr reach out to fellow legislators to lower student loan costs

Today, as Congress continues to debate the doubling of federal student loan rates, Representative Les Gara and Representative Geran Tarr (both D-Anchorage) reached out to fellow Alaska lawmakers to help lower the costs of higher education, job training, and high student loan rates for Alaskans. The two lawmakers wrote their colleagues in the House of Representatives seeking their input and collaboration before the 2014 legislative session.

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Note from Rep Gara: Action Alert- Toothless the Cat and Former Foster Youth Who Lost Everything in Monday’s Home Fire

A Time To Help

I came back from a great vacation to bad news – that two hard-working former foster youth who are struggling to succeed, and their roommate who works at Campfire and helps foster and disadvantaged youth, lost everything in Monday’s Eastside home fire. This is where we come in.

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NEWS: Legislators Comment on Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment

Governor should act, or EPA will have to

This week, Representative Andy Josephson (D-Anchorage) and Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) submitted comments to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding its Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment.

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Note from Rep. Gara: Bone Marrow Donations: Not For the Super Brave Anymore Because of Stem Cell Progress!

Dear Neighbors,

Difficult times sometimes have a way of improving life for all of us. That’s the case of Dr. Matt Dudley, a very well-liked doctor who for a long time needed a bone marrow transplant to help him fight leukemia. It used to be that people didn’t want to go through a painful procedure to donate marrow to help people like Matt. But now you can be a chicken, I mean, “pain adverse”, and donate.

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