NEWS: Alaska Democratic Lawmakers Celebrate Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in All Fifty States

REP. GERAN TARR 269-0144 | REP. LES GARA 269-0106 | REP. ANDREW JOSEPHSON 269-0265
ANCHORAGE – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all fifty states must license and recognize same-sex marriages. In the 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court found that bans against same-sex marriages violate the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. 

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NEWS: Medicaid Expansion Can Help Avoid the Risk of a Recession in Alaska

ANCHORAGE – A recent report commissioned by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority suggests Alaska is at risk of a recession for the fourth time in the state’s history. The report indicates a recession could be prolonged due, in part, to the downturn in oil prices and subsequent decreases in state spending. However, the report outlines options to mitigate a recession including accepting Medicaid expansion, which will be paid for almost entirely by the federal government. House Finance Committee member Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) tried repeatedly this past session to garner legislative approval for Medicaid expansion but the Republican-controlled Majorities refused to allow the issue to be put to a vote.

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Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Legislative Update – An End to the Special Sessions

Dear House District 17 Constituents!

Many of you received my End-of-Session Newsletter a couple weeks ago.

I wanted to apprise you of the details of the session’s culmination on the evening of Thursday, June 11, 2015, since that printing (above) hit your mailboxes.

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NEWS: Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition Negotiates Compromise Budget Deal to Avert Government Shutdown

ANCHORAGE – The Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition compromise with the Majority leadership in the House and Senate today enabled the Alaska Legislature to pass an operating budget for Fiscal Year 2016 that prevents a government shutdown at the end of the month.

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NEWS: GOP Ignoring Oil Tax Credit Spending Cap

ANCHORAGE – Today, the Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition released a memo from the Alaska Department of Revenue showing the Republican-proposed budget spends $600 million more on oil tax credits than provided for under Alaska’s statutory cap on credit payments.

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NEWS: Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition Ready to Work to Solve Budget Impasse

ANCHORAGE – Today, Governor Walker announced his intention to veto the portions of House Bill 72 that deal with fiscal year 2016. This is due to the fact that the House and Senate Majorities passed a largely unfunded budget, which could result in a shutdown of state government beginning in July. 

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