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Legislature Addresses Medical Licensing, Regulation, and Family Therapy

Juneau – In a bipartisan effort to improve health care, the Alaska Legislature acted to streamline medical licensing and addressed regulatory issues in the medical field on the final day of session. House Bill 280, an extension for the Board of Marital and Family Therapy sponsored by Representative Andy Josephson (D—Anchorage), was amended to include portions Senate Bill 108 sponsored by Senator Giessel (R—Anchorage), which dealt with reforms requested by the state Medical Board.

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Coalition Members Reflect on the 30th Alaska Legislature

Juneau – After a flurry of legislative action, the Alaska House of Representatives joined the Alaska Senate in adjourning the Second Session of the 30th Alaska Legislature sine die early Sunday morning. Members of the Alaska House Majority Coalition reflected on the legislative achievements of the session.

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Workers’ Compensation Reform Passes the Alaska Legislature

Juneau – Today, the Alaska Legislature passed legislation put forward by Alaska Governor Bill Walker to improve Alaska’s workers’ compensation system. House Bill 79 allows for electronic filing, reduces administrative costs, more clearly defines ‘independent contractor’, and provide adequate funding to administer the workers’ compensation system.

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Josephson E-blast Early May Edition

The House and Senate, via HB 287, appropriated $1.32 billion for K-12 next school year, the same amount as this year. This allows school districts to budget and avoid most teacher layoffs, but flat-funding education means cutting education. Inflation has eroded $90 million in education funding since 2014, resulting in 500+ fewer teachers and support staff, increased class sizes, and reduced programming. In its version of the bill, the Senate added $1.32 billion for the school year that begins September 2019, plus $30 million in one-time grants to school districts, if the House passes the Permanent Fund Draw,

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House Votes to Strengthen Penalties for Spills of Oil and Other Hazardous Substances

Juneau – Today, the Alaska House of Representatives passed legislation to give the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) additional tools to address spills of oil and hazardous substances in Alaska. House Bill 322 updates civil penalties that have been eroded over time due to inflation and provides administrative penalties that DEC can quickly levy to stop and prevent spills. Both penalties would be automatically adjusted for inflation every ten years. Additionally, HB 322 stipulates that trucking companies transporting oil share with DEC any spill plan they submit to the federal government.

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Legislature Wants Wild and Domestic Animals in Alaska Protected from Infectious Diseases

Juneau – Today, the Alaska Legislature passed a resolution urging cooperation among state departments to protect the health of wild and domestic animals. House Concurrent Resolution 23 calls for increased data collection on diseases and foreign pathogens to better facilitate science-based management decisions. The resolution is a call to action for the Departments of Fish and Game, Natural Resources, and Environmental Conservation to cooperate on measures to prevent the spread of diseases and pathogens among Alaska’s wildlife and domestic animals.

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House Passes Bill to Eliminate an Unnecessary Regulatory Burden on Alaska’s Marijuana Businesses

Juneau – Today, the Alaska House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation to ease an overly burdensome regulation that requires annual fingerprinting of those seeking to renew their marijuana establishment registration. House Bill 319 changes the fingerprinting requirement to once every six years.

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