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Rep. Drummond’s October 2nd Newsletter: Committee Meetings Scheduled to Examine Public Safety in Alaska

The Finance Committee in the Alaska House of Representatives has scheduled a series of budget subcommittee meetings to discuss the nexus between crime rates and available public resources in Alaska. The budget subcommittees for the Departments of Public Safety, Administration, Corrections, and Law will meet on October 5th at the Anchorage Legislative Information Office (LIO).

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Rep. Drummond's Newsletter

Rep. Drummond’s Newsletter: Back on the job!

Week one of Alaska’s 30th State Legislature is officially in the books! The election of Rep. Bryce Edgmon of Dillingham as the first Alaska Native Speaker of the House and passing the torch to the new Alaska House Majority Coalition went honored to be sworn in by Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott with my friends and colleagues Geran Tarr, Les Gara and Andy Josephson. We spontaneously engaged in a group hug after taking the oath of office!

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Rep. Drummond's Newsletter

Rep. Drummond’s Newsletter: Special Session Update

After negotiating over the Memorial Day weekend, the Legislature passed a $4.6 billion operating budget. This is a reduction of $500 million from last year. We also passed one of the smallest capital budgets in state history. Nearly $3.2 billion comes from the Constitutional Budget Reserve, the state’s savings account. The session now can be laser-focused on a fiscal plan, before our savings are depleted.

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