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Coalition Members Reflect on the 30th Alaska Legislature

Juneau – After a flurry of legislative action, the Alaska House of Representatives joined the Alaska Senate in adjourning the Second Session of the 30th Alaska Legislature sine die early Sunday morning. Members of the Alaska House Majority Coalition reflected on the legislative achievements of the session.

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Legislature Expands Hiring Preference for Veterans and National Guard Members

Juneau – Today, the Alaska Legislature passed legislation to expand job opportunities for veterans and members of the National Guard. House Bill 2, sponsored by Representative Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage), is supported by the United States Department of Defense and the National Federation of Independent Businesses-Alaska. The bill gives private businesses in Alaska the ability to offer a hiring preference to veterans of the armed services and members of the National Guard.

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Alaska Legislature Votes to Update Alaska’s Code of Military Justice

Juneau – Today, the Alaska Legislature unanimously passed a bill to update Alaska’s Code of Military Justice (ACMJ) to mirror recent updates to the Federal Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. House Bill 307 builds on the 2016 ACMJ update, which was the first major update to the code since it was created in 1955. HB 307 was sponsored by House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Chair Representative Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage).

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Alaska Legislature Extends Workers’ Compensation to the Organized Militia

Juneau – Today, the Alaska Legislature unanimously approved a bill to extend workers’ compensation coverage to members of Alaska’s organized militia. Members of the Alaska State Defense Force are covered by workers’ compensation when ordered into active state service. However, that protection does not extend during training exercises. House Bill 126 fixes that discrepancy by extending workers compensation to cover injuries incurred during training.

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Alaska Legislature Urges Development of Critical Arctic Infrastructure

Juneau – Today, the Alaska Legislature unanimously approved a resolution calling for the federal government to help develop critical infrastructure and emergency response capabilities in the Arctic region, including the development of a deep-water port on the northern coast of Alaska. House Joint Resolution 33 passed the Alaska State Senate today after being passed earlier this month by the Alaska House of Representatives.

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Fighting to Keep the Dividend

I introduced amendment #1 to the operating budget to restore the full Permanent Fund Dividend to all Alaskans – and it passed 21 to 19. Today, against my objections, my amendment was amended down to a smaller dividend amount. This is very disappointing. I agree with former Governor Hammond’s arguments.

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