NEWS: Health Insurance Prices Will Go Up if Medicaid Expansion is Repealed

Juneau – Today, Representatives Tiffany Zulkosky (D-Bethel) and Zack Fields (D-Anchorage) released a report outlining the potential impacts of repealing Medicaid expansion in Alaska. Medicaid expansion was implemented in 2015 to provide medical insurance coverage to a portion of Alaskans who live just above the poverty line. The report, prepared by the non-partisan Legislative Research Services, finds that if Medicaid….

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NEWS: Medicaid Expansion Repeal Would Eliminate 3,700 Jobs Without Saving a Dime

Juneau – New data from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC), featured at a recent House of Representatives informational hearing, demonstrates that a repeal of Medicaid Expansion in Alaska would result in 3,700 lost jobs, $267 million in lost wages, and $556 million in lost economic output. ANTHC’s new study finds that Medicaid Expansion has been budget neutral for the State of Alaska’s general fund. Additionally, Medicaid Expansion has attracted $1.13 billion in federal investment in Alaska.

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