Rep. Claman’s November 22nd Newsletter: Giving Thanks & End of Fourth Special Session

Happy Thanksgiving! As we congregate with friends, family, and good food, let’s remind one another of all we have to be grateful for. May we also be mindful of those in need and take time to share a smile and lend a helping hand.

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Rep. Gara’s November 13th Newsletter: Senate Leaders Choose No Jail Time for Car Theft, Sexual Abuse of Minors (and a Bigger Recession!) Over Staying at Work

I’m here in Juneau, with almost no senators. That’s been the case for most of Special Session, as most Republican Senate majority members skipped work the first ten days of this 30-day Special Session and then left for good this past Saturday.

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OPINION: Answers to your questions about public safety

Why has crime increased in Alaska? Three of the biggest drivers are the opioid epidemic, the ongoing recession and multiple years of cuts to law enforcement (both on the street and in the courtroom). How much is because of each of those, and how much is because of state policy, I just don’t know. As far as I’ve seen, no one can say for sure.

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