Rep. Edgmon’s Feb 23rd Legislative Update: House ADF&G Budget Focuses on Management for More Fishing

The budget process during session begins with a host of Finance Subcommittees each taking responsibility for a particular department and Governor Walker’s proposals for their funding. After weeks of combing through the department’s various divisions and their programs and services, the subcommittee can make recommendations of its own, through adoption of amendments to the governor’s funding plan. Once those recommendations are complete, the subcommittee “closes out”—forwarding a summary of its work to the full Finance Committee and then closing down for the year.

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Rep. Edgmon’s Feb 16th Legislative Update: Important Week at the Legislature for the Alaska Native Community

Today is Elizabeth Peratrovich Day—honoring the Southeast Tlingit equal-rights champion whose successes on behalf of Alaska Natives preceded the Lower-48 civil rights movement by a full decade. It’s only fitting, then, that we devote this this week’s newsletter to events marking past and present efforts and accomplish-ments by distinguished Alaska Native leaders.

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Rep. Edgmon’s Feb 2nd Legislative Update: House Passes Early K-12 Funding, Moving Closer to On-Time Budgets

HB 287, which is co-sponsored by the entire Alaska House Majority Coalition, also included a provision requiring a separate vote to take the funding from the Constitutional Budget Reserve (CBR). Unfortunately, this provision, which required three quarters of the House to vote in favor, failed to pass, with 20 voting in fa-vor and 16 opposed.

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