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Coalition Members Reflect on the 30th Alaska Legislature

Juneau – After a flurry of legislative action, the Alaska House of Representatives joined the Alaska Senate in adjourning the Second Session of the 30th Alaska Legislature sine die early Sunday morning. Members of the Alaska House Majority Coalition reflected on the legislative achievements of the session.

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Rep Grenn Enews update

So, what's the update from Juneau? While today marks Day 109 of the legislative session, and despite my hope we would have finished by now, I very much believe the House and Senate are close to adjournment. Both chambers have passed versions of the operating budget, the capital budget is progressing, and a bill funding the education portion of the budget ( HB287 ) was signed into law yesterday .

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House Votes to Put Alaskans Back to Work by Clearing Oil Tax Credit Backlog

Juneau – Today, the Alaska House of Representatives passed legislation proposed by Governor Bill Walker to issue bond debt to pay off the more than $800 million balance the state owes for oil and gas tax credits. House Bill 331 would discount the tax credit payments to more than cover the additional cost to the state of interest on the bond debt, which the state will then pay down over the next decade. In this manner, companies owed credits receive cash they can reinvest in additional development today while keeping the measure revenue neutral or revenue positive for the State of Alaska.

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Alaska Legislature Unanimously Passes HB43: Right to Try

Juneau – Today, the Alaska Legislature unanimously passed legislation to increase patient rights in Alaska. House Bill 43, also known as the “Right to Try” bill, was sponsored by Representative Jason Grenn (I-Anchorage). It allows terminally ill patients who have exhausted all FDA-approved treatment options and do not qualify for clinical trials to gain faster access to safe but experimental drugs in an effort to save or extend their own lives.

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Rep. Jason Grenn

Rep Grenn’s April 3rd Newsletter: Operating Budget Update

Some very exciting news was highlighted in the Anchorage Daily News this week about the recently established Sand Lake Community Patrol. This is a great group of neighbors that have come together to increase safety on our streets, and I can't wait to join the patrol when I get back home after we get our work done here in Juneau. Congrats to everyone involved on making this happening!

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