BP-Hilcorp Sale & A Very Busy Fall – Part 1 of 3

Things have picked up in the public and among the press regarding the BP sale to Hilcorp. As Co- Chair of Resources Committee I have been studying this closely over the last couple of months since the announcement was made public on August 27th. Initially, I think some Alaskans, if they were around in 1990 for the BP-ARCO merger had an expectation of a robust public process. However, as I learned, that public process was in part because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) identified anti-competitiveness issues that prompted what’s called a consent agreement and that process requires public…

Representative Hannan’s Legislative Update

I hope this Update finds you doing well. I am amazed how quickly time goes by. With Thanksgiving coming up, the holiday season is upon us. I am currently attending a Women in Government Conference in our nations capitol for first time women lawmakers. I am very proud to be serving as one of 23 female Alaska Law Makers.

Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: PFD Special Session Doubtful

As our daily sunlight dwindles away, so do hopes for a third special session focused on the Permanent Fund and PFDs. Until recently, I thought a compromise was possible that would allow lawmakers to go back to work to find long-term solutions about how to best use the earnings of the $64 billion Alaska Permanent Fund. However, with no easy path forward and an apparent unwillingness by many to reengage on the issue, another special session this year seems very unlikely.