Brett Kavanaugh Not “An Inspired Choice” for the Supreme Court

I believe in a United States Supreme Court that does justice, not one filled with biased party loyalists. And especially at this time in American history, I do not believe in a Supreme Court justice appointment process that sides with a man who may have committed a horrific attempted rape. That is the wrong message to send to Americans. It always has been and it still is today when we have a President who minimizes the indefensible, as he has done here.

Upcoming Events on Clean Air and Ballot Prop 1

As your Representative, I believe public input is vital to the legislative process. My goal to hear your questions and concerns is why I hosted four Picnics in the Park across Fairbanks this summer. Here are two more upcoming opportunities to lend your ideas and opinions so that our State and local governments can better serve you.

Alert: Applications Community Neighborhood Watch Grants

The purpose of this grant program is to support and expand community and neighborhood watch activities in the state of Alaska. Eligible entities, including community and neighborhood watch groups and municipalities, are encouraged to submit applications for grants which will support these activities.

Rep. Matt Claman’s Alaska Matters: Thank You for Attending Alaska State Forum on Public Safety

Thank you to all who attended the Alaska State Forum on Public Safety on Tuesday. The Forum drew over 80 people in the audience and many more online, with our live-stream receiving over 700 views so far. Each day and every day, people who care about our communities work to make wise use of our public safety resources and to improve public safety. The solutions are complicated and the path is long. It calls on all of us to work together as a community. Our speakers and panelists at the forum included police officers, prosecutors, public defenders, mental health providers, substance abuse counselors, university professors, and legislators.