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Transboundary Mining Prompts Concerns from Alaska Lawmakers

Anchorage – Several Alaska lawmakers have sent a letter to Alaska Governor Bill Walker stressing the need for action to protect the watersheds of Southeast Alaska from the negative downstream impacts of large-scale hard rock mining in British Columbia. The ten lawmakers are urging the Governor to develop partnerships with other states that border British Columbia to demand binding international agreements mandating a transparent environmental review process for mining projects. In the letter, the Alaska lawmakers insist the environmental review process satisfy the concerns of U.S., Canadian, and Tribal governments.

Alaska Legislature Votes to Simplify How Organized Militia Members are Paid

Anchorage – On May 12th, the final day of the recent legislative session, the Alaska Legislature unanimously passed a bill authorizing the same pay and benefits for members of Alaska’s organized militia regardless of whether they are called to state or federal active duty. The House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee sponsored House Bill 150 to simplify and clarify the payment system for Alaska militia members.

Legislature Addresses Medical Licensing, Regulation, and Family Therapy

Juneau – In a bipartisan effort to improve health care, the Alaska Legislature acted to streamline medical licensing and addressed regulatory issues in the medical field on the final day of session. House Bill 280, an extension for the Board of Marital and Family Therapy sponsored by Representative Andy Josephson (D—Anchorage), was amended to include portions Senate Bill 108 sponsored by Senator Giessel (R—Anchorage), which dealt with reforms requested by the state Medical Board.

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Summer Plans on Oil & Gas and Food Security, Last Week’s Happenings, and Upcoming Events!

Now that session has ended and we're home, I'm looking forward to seeing you around the neighborhood and over the next few weeks at summer neighborhood events! We are back in my Anchorage office and look forward to continue working for you! Our interim team is Legislative Director Diana Rhoades (picture left) and Constituent and Community Liaison Magdalena Oliveros (picture right). Please stop by and say hi! Our address is 1500 West Benson Blvd. #422. You can also call or email me at (907) 269-0144 or Rep.Geran.Tarr@akleg.gov

The Legislature Passed the Budget

On Saturday, May 12th, the 30th Legislature adjourned Sine Die. For the first time in many years, the Legislature was able to pass a budget in less than 120 days, thanks to bipartisan, bicameral collaboration. As a member of the House Finance Committee, I had the opportunity to be a key player in creating the budget, particularly the Fish & Game and Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) budgets because I am the Finance Subcommittee Chair for both of those departments. In this newsletter, I will highlight a few key points from the operating and capital budgets we passed this year.

Rep. Adam Wool E-News Update: 30th AK State Legislature Comes to a Close

As many of you know, this session led to some controversial conversations regarding distilleries and breweries, as well as many other topics in the alcohol industry. Many of these conversations centered around the Title IV bill, Senate Bill 76, which was not passed this session. However, legislation was passed with allows for distilleries to make mixed drinks (this was the same language that was in House Bill 269,) and my bill to grandfather in Alaska's historic roadhouses (House Bill 301) was also passed. To see a brief explanation of why Senate Bill 76 did not pass, and how these changes happened, please read more at the bottom of this newsletter.

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