Army Corps NPR-A Response November 1st, 2011

Army Corps NPR-A Response November 1st, 2011

WASHINGTON DC 20310-0108

Nov. 1, 2011

Representative Les Gara
Alaska, State Capitol
Juneau, Alaska 99801


Dear Representative Gara:     [ PDF available here ]

I apologize for the delay in responding to your letter of February 28, 2011, to the Honorable Kenneth Salazar, Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), the Honorable Lisa Jackson, Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and me, regarding the proposed CD-5 Alpine Satellite Development located within the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A). I am sending identical letters to the 13 other members of the Alaska State Legislature who co-signed the February 28, 2011, letter with you.

I appreciate hearing your views on the importance of this proposed project as it relates to Alaska's economy and the nation's energy security. I have shared your public comments from the Alaska Congressional delegation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District.

The Alaska District believed it had all of the necessary documentation by the middle of September 2011, to revise the Record Of Decision (ROD) and prepare an initial permit decision. However, after recent meetings between Conoco Phillips Alaska, Incorporated (CPAI) and other agencies, CPAI informed the Alaska District that it would submit project design changes. These changes were received on October 19, 2011, and must be assessed as part of the final ROD decision. I have asked my staff to continue to monitor the progress of this action and report to me.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance. Your staff may also contact Mr. Chip Smith, my Assistant for Environmental, Tribal, and Regulatory Affairs, at (703) 693-3655, for more detailed information.

Very truly yours,


Jo-Ellen Darcy
Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Civil Works)

Alaska House Majority Coalition

Rep. Bryce Edgmon
Speaker of the House
Toll-Free +1 800 898-4451
Room 208 Capitol Bldg.

Rep. Chris Tuck
Coalition Leader
Toll-Free +1 (866) 465-2095
Room 204 Capitol Bldg.


Amory Lelake 465-4451
Caucus Staff
Aurora Hauke 465-5051
Caucus Staff
Mike Mason 444-0889
Press Secretary