Rep. Matt Claman’s Alaska Matters: Thank You for Attending Alaska State Forum on Public Safety

Thank you to all who attended the Alaska State Forum on Public Safety on Tuesday. The Forum drew over 80 people in the audience and many more online, with our live-stream receiving over 700 views so far. Each day and every day, people who care about our communities work to make wise use of our public safety resources and to improve public safety. The solutions are complicated and the path is long. It calls on all of us to work together as a community. Our speakers and panelists at the forum included police officers, prosecutors, public defenders, mental health providers, substance abuse counselors, university professors, and legislators.

Town Hall on 9/25: Public Safety & Parks

It’s been a busy month for the whole community as Anchorage schools begin a new year and UAA classes began. Luckily, the continued stretch of summer weather has made it a great time to talk to friends and neighbors—and for road construction to wind down after a rainy August. See Tuck’s Tips below for road construction updates!

Tarr’s Times: Last Week’s Events, HB 217 Bill Signing, and Save the Date: Constituent Meeting 9/22

Last week was very special for me, as progress was made on two issues I’ve been working on for a long time. I spent a whole day at a meeting with leaders from many state agencies discussing how to implement the state’s new trauma informed policy that passed in SB 105. Many thanks to the many groups involved with the Alaska Resilience Initiative for helping to make this lasting and systemic change in state government and delivery of services. We will now be more prevention focused!